Three black-hat methods That Still work-this 2014 for SEO Ranking

Three Blackhat methods That Still Work This 2014 for SEO *Standing

seo philippines companyThe antagonism between black-hat and white-hat strategies has been going on for years now. These schemes have been with us since SEO’s being. It appears they are n’t outmoded. On the contrary, they have persistently lingered around the SEO world and seem to be productive in 2014.

We don’t support or recommend the use of these techniques. The purpose of this weblog post is to show how black hat SEO works in 2014. A number of the methods presented below are not only cracker but also “crap hat” which is illegal.

Even if Google attempts to update it’s algorithms as best as it can, to cover-all reasons, and supply valuable and pertinent information in research results to users, blackhat SEOs seem to constantly adapt and find means of ranking high. The strategies that I’ll present below, are not just new, as you have noticed them work in the earlier, in another or some variant, but seemingly they’re still kicking and hitting in 2014. We have noticed these cracker techniques used by companies that were small or big, but one thing is for certain: sooner or later you’re going to be noticed by Google.

Let’s look at how a renowned “purchase viagra” SERPs seem like nowadays and what methods were used to get a top-ranking there.

1. Parasite Hosting

This approach means performing Search Engine Optimization techniques that revolve around creating pages on high power domain names that rank really good in Google. These pages level into a certain site they want to boost, fostering their position, based on the host’s rank. Basically they steal some of the attention the parasite site gets to enjoy its earned ability in Google. As you are able to see in the image below, the hacker placed the “canadian viagra” page on a Hotel’s website. The two themes, “resorts” and “blue pill”, are not associated whatsoever, therefore it is clearly not a naturally generated page. Another reality about parasite hosting is that the person who owns the host does not have any idea about any of it, and the page is made without his knowledge. Let us see a quick case study about what techniques are working in the pharma area.

Parasite Hosting black-hat Strategy

There are the ones that create a strong power and work hard and there are those who parasite!

Going for competitive key words that are super means lots of effort and a lot of resources invested. It is interesting how, after all these years these sort of parasite webpages and the algorithm updates, can still rank quite high in search results.

It proves to be a truly productive technique for Black Hat SEOs.

Some people would call this method to be portion of a category named “crap hat search engine optimization”, due to its illegal nature.

Black Hat Keyword Parasite Hosting

2. Google Bombing

We now have a clear example how this black hat strategy changes a website’s ranking and therefore you may understand how it operates. If you will look at the screen shot below, you’ll see that there’s no historic data for this URL, significance it’s a fresh page. The large link rate spikes from there and the last days is an unusual amount of links created merely after a couple of days this page was created.

It should be stated in the start as it seems that it is perhaps not as life threatening, and you will not see any explosions on your screen. We’re heading to move to another one now, from one method that ‘s been around for some years. The first time this period was mentioned was in 2001. But since it is first appearances, it somewhat went from being a kind of prank to some type of boosting pages onto Google’s first positions. It seems black hat SEOs can still exploit this technique when linking through the use of consistent anchor text.

Without that recently created page, the domain name is executing really well and appears quite natural. If you are wondering just how many hyperlinks are created to sustain the pages on a casualty’s website, you’ll be able to go through the image underneath. Lots of parasite doorway pages are developed to be able to redirect visitors to the final landing page.

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Black hat SEO’s use automated software to generate lots of hyperlinks on websites, several sites, forums and directory sites. Pretty much any place that accepts a text. These kind of tools make spamming less ineffective, but only for a brief period of time. These sort of methods won’t perform on the long term, since Google poured lots of effort in to making an algorithm that identifies and dissolves such link schemes economically.

On the other hand, if we examine the whole domain name which the page was developed, we can clearly see it’s not made up of black hat SEO aim. A constant link background that dates back meaning that the website was steadily building links producing a solid power is shown by the link velocity graphic for the whole domain name. It is also possible to see that there are new hyperlink spikes that look funny and have become big. This blackhat method might ruin a domain name.

Automated Blackhat Google Bombing

3. Cloaking & Redirects

A website is considered when it displays one page to the search engine spiders and another page to the users that click on the hyperlink in the SERPs to be using cloaking. Typically, the ones that are using cloaking and re-direct methods produce several pages, all optimized for a certain subject using special keywords.

Matt Cutts, the Webspam department at Google’s head explained cloaking in this movie released a while again. This is important as it depicts how Google sees cloaking and how they classify it. It definitely says that:

There are no kinds of white hat cloaking techniques that you may use for your site.

It’s created to search engines and present users with different kinds of content or with the intent of deceiving consumers. When you will click on the hyperlink displayed it will take you to a page designed to deliver traffic to the blue pill website that was selling, or it’ll just redirect to the website.

A lot of sites that have used cloaking and redirecting in the past could not keep their website’s ranking for some time. This tactic is still used in the present and you could clearly see an example in the graphic underneath. If you will be interested enough to see how Google see’s the page, you can just select the miniature triangle next to the hyperlink in the research results and then click on “Cached. That way, you’re going to find a way to see the crawled page through GoogleBot’s “eyes”. You’ll need to learn how they function, to further understand how these methods of hyperlink manipulation continue to be feasible in 2014. The bottom line is, cloaking the site is going to have script that scans human visitors on the other hand and search engine robots similarly and classifies them after their IP address. If it is decided the visitor is human it’s going to be exhibited the content you wish to display. But if it is GoogleBot, it will be set to be directed to an optimized page so as to pass precious and high graded. A screenshot on the site re-directs after you click on the link in the research results below you’ve it.

Black Hat Cloaking Fake Redirect


Cloaking parasite hosting, and his close cousins Google Bombing and Redirects Redirects are among the select kinds of blackhat techniques which are still being deployed effectively in 2014. They provide no real value to the consumer and since redirects do not function any function other than controlling a site’s ranking, they have a life span that is fairly brief. I have to mention the fact any of these cracker techniques couldn’t make a website rank too large. The real power is utilized when they are used together.

I need this place to act as a notice for the ever-expanding Search Engine Optimization landscape, that Google remains an algorithm that the black-hat SEOs still exploit. If its algorithms significantly enhanced in order to better find funny routines and to detect links that are abnormal, I do consider that there’s still work to be done when it comes to super competitive keywords like the one offered here.